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Sensory Integration Therapy

Is Sensory Integration Therapy right for your child?

Sensory integration refers to the neurological process of receiving, organizing and responding to input from the numerous sensory systems: Auditory, Visual, Gustatory (taste), Tactile (touch), Proprioceptive (muscle and joint), and Vestibular (balance and movement). Our daily functions are all dependent on our ability to process this information correctly. When the nervous system is not functioning as it should, a child will often face difficulties surrounding coordination, motor skills and/or behavioral skills.

Sensory Integration Therapy is used to treat developmental setbacks by providing the child with the appropriate amount of sensory information that his/her nervous system requires in order to function properly. Over time, when the child receives the proper amount of sensory information, he/she will begin to adapt and show improved function.

At Thera Dynamic Physical Therapy, our certified pediatric and occupational therapists will work with you and your child to develop an individualized treatment program to teach the brain how to efficiently respond to sensations in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Common indications that your child may have a sensory integration disorder:

  • Extremely high/Extremely low activity levels

  • Short attention span

  • Resistance to changes in routine

  • Coordination problems/clumsiness

  • Social/behavioral problems

  • Academic difficulties

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